Congratulations! You have finally found the perfect all-season scarf! Two layers of delightfully soft double gauze cotton fabric in coordinating, contrasting fabrics in multi color hues.


Looking for a cure for Pom-Pom-itis? MORE POM POMS! In other words, THIS SCARF! 


Have you had trouble wearing a triangle scarf? The pom tassels make it a breeze. Simply place the right angle of the triangle flat on your chest and push the pom-pom tassel corners to your back. Wrap the two tassel corners back to front again, and VOILA! You've mastered the triangle scarf. The pom-pom tassels help anchor the ends in place. Take time to appropriately fluff the scarf to showcase the fabric of your liking.

Triangle Scarf

  • Size: Right angle egdes are 40" long, while the hypotenuse is 56" long


    Material: 100% Cotton