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Rebecca Yaker

Who is


Rebecca is a maker. She specializes in quality, handmade, one-of-a-kind, fun women's clothing and accessories. Shoes, scarves, and totes; skirts, sweaters, and tops. A great place to buy handmade gifts online.


Sewing since the tender age of five, Rebecca operates out of her Minneapolis based design studio. In 2005, Rebecca launched Hazel and Melvin's Room, and for 5 years she created one-of-a-kind baby bedding and apparel for clients worldwide. In addition to her sewing skills, Rebecca is an accomplished hand- and machine-knitter. Some of you may know her from her large scale sock monkey pieces, such as the sock monkey prom dress.


Prior to delving into her love of all things fiber, Rebecca graduated from the University of Michigan and Moscow State Linguistics University, with a concentration in Russian Languages and Literature. More than anything, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her husband and their cute-as-a-barrel-full-of-kittens sons.

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