This one-of-a-kind, hand knit, lightweight cardigan is one you’ll love for cool days in both autumn and spring. This sweater was knit in one piece, so there are no side seams, or sleeve seams - a detail nearly impossible to acheive in a mass produced sweater.


Check out those meandering cables and textured sleeves and hem to create added texture to this hand dyed yarn. And those the handwoven buttons in a contrast neon orange, to match the cuffs - be still my heart! This soft and snuggly cardigan is knit in a luxurious merino, cashmere and nylon blend.


I love to knit and I knit A LOT of sweaters - more than I could ever dream of wearing. Each sweater is one-of-a-kind and was, more or less, knit to my dimensions.


Winding Current Cardigan

  • 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere goat, 10% Nylon